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Welcome to East Clayton Farm
Donkey Walking Experiences.


East Clayton is part of the charity Lorica Trust. The Trust works with a variety of visiting groups and residents many of whom are either disadvantaged or disabled. The Trust’s aims are to ‘educate, restore, inspire and refresh’ those who come onto the farm. We now have the capacity to offer Donkey walks to members of the public, the income from which helps to support our charitable work. We hope that you will feel inspired and refreshed by the experience.


Donkey walking is a relaxing activity for children and adults alike. Our donkeys are great characters who are very used to walking out with human companions.  They are all friendly and used to being handled. The farm is situated on the edge of the South Downs National Park, in a beautiful part of West Sussex. All  of our walks are accompanied by a farm host who will guide you and help you manage your donkeys. Sessions are two-hours long and include a greet and groom with your donkey, a walk around part of the 140-acre property and a refreshment break. Our walks are weather dependent, as donkeys are not keen on the rain. Walking with a donkey is a unique and relaxing experience and a great way of enjoying the Sussex Countryside.


To find out more about East Clayton Farm and our other work, please visit our main website.

To book a donkey walk or purchase a gift voucher, email

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