Frequently Asked Questions

What is a donkey walk?
A donkey walk is a delightful experience – walking out with your own donkey, or sharing a donkey with a friend. You don’t ride the donkeys but they do make wonderful walking companions.
When can I do it?
Available any time of the year but weather dependent.
How do I pay?
We ask for payment on booking. This is done online, safely, via Paypal (we send you an invoice) - you do not need a Paypal account in order to make payment. Alternatively, if you are concerned about online payments we can accept cash or cheque on the day of your walk. 
Who can go?
Anyone who is booked on. We cannot accommodate anyone who turns up ‘unannounced’.
I have children, which walks are suitable?
For young children the farm walk is the most suitable, 6 is the minimum age for this. Children 8 and above can take their own donkey on the farm walk. For children over 8 the Warren walk works well. Children need to be 10 years old to take charge of their own donkey.
I would like to organise a special occasion walk, is this possible?
It might be! Please telephone us to discuss what you would like and what might be possible.
Can I bring my Dog?
Because of the livestock on the farm we have a policy of no dogs allowed on the farm or on the walks.
Is it difficult?
No! Donkeys are easy to manage if you follow the guidance you will be given. All our walks are fairly flat, so as long as you can manage the distance the gradient is not challenging.
What about the weather? 
The donkeys do not walk in very wet weather – we will contact you if there is a need to cancel, or please phone us.
What is your cancellation policy?
Seven days notice once a walk has been booked.
What should I wear?
Stout shoes or wellington boots are essential. Comfortable clothing with a water proof available is sensible.
Can I bring someone with me to take photos?
Anyone coming out on the walks needs to be booked in and paid for.
Do you have a café on site?
No, we have no café provision on site, so we advise that you bring your own refreshments.
What if I have limited mobility or use a wheelchair?
East Clayton farm operates an inclusive policy – please give us a ring and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Donkey walks and the purchasing of vouchers is currently unavailable for Autumn/Winter. We anticipate that we will re-open for donkey walking in the Spring.

If you would like to be notified when we do re-open our booking system, please email: .
This includes current voucher holders who wish to book their walk.