Our Donkeys

All our donkeys have come from Ann Hunt’s beautiful herd in Guildford. Ann has been breeding donkeys since 1961, and our donkeys are ex racing donkeys. Now their racing days are over our donkeys are very happy to be accompanying people on gentle walks in Sussex. 


AGE: 14

FULL NAME: Gamlingay The Alchemist


IN TRAINING: Al is learning the ropes, he's very handsome having won lots of shows but he is now learning his new role with us at the Farm


AGE: 28

FULL NAME: Origin Unknown


Bobin is funny, always looks messy and greedy. He will take every opportunity to munch from the hedges so needs a firm ‘no’ every now and again to keep him on track.

Leo 2.png

AGE: 20

FULL NAME: Perehill Leo


Leo is our gentle cuddle monster. He is always happy for a hug! But he doesn't like acorns falling so he doesn't do Autumn walks!


AGE: 27

FULL NAME: Perehill John

He is ploddy, shy, quiet. John has his own pace for walking, which is rarely speedy. Very ‘eeyore’ in nature.


AGE: 28

FULL NAME: Bramble of Perehill


Bramble is Cheeky, lovable, full of beans, our smallest boy who loves attention and cuddles.


AGE: 3

FULL NAME: Perehill Masterpiece


IN TRAINING: Smartie is one of our two youngest donkeys- born in late 2017. Fun and friendly, he loves nothing better than a scratch and cuddle.


AGE: 3

FULL NAME: Perehill Tetley


IN TRAINING: Teddie is one of our two youngest donkeys- born in late 2017. He's quite mischievous and spends lots of time chasing his brother, Smartie!

Donkey walks and the purchasing of vouchers is currently unavailable for Autumn/Winter. We anticipate that we will re-open for donkey walking in the Spring.

If you would like to be notified when we do re-open our booking system, please email: donkeywalking@lorica.org.uk .
This includes current voucher holders who wish to book their walk.