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Our Donkeys

All our donkeys have come from Ann Hunt’s beautiful herd in Guildford. Ann has been breeding donkeys since 1961, and our donkeys are ex racing donkeys. Now their racing days are over our donkeys are very happy to be accompanying people on gentle walks in Sussex. 


AGE: 18

FULL NAME: Gamlingay The Alchemist


Al was a show stopper back in the day, winning lots of shows. Still just as handsome, he enjoys a more relaxed life now-a-days. But don't be fooled by his big puppy-dog eyes and gentle demenure, Al is spicy and when he gets going, he has a real pace on him!

Leo 2.png

AGE: 22

FULL NAME: Perehill Leo


Leo is our loving cuddle monster. He is sensitive, inquisitive and very friendly, Leo doesn't know the meaning of personal space! A real gentle gentleman, Leo will take care of everyone.


AGE: 7

FULL NAME: Perehill Masterpiece


Smartie by name smartie by nature, one of our two youngest donkeys- born in late 2017. Fun, friendly, and incredibly mischievous! Smartie is never far away from the action, a born entertainer who will try and pull the wool over anybody's eyes!


AGE: 7

FULL NAME: Perehill Tetley


Teddie is our smallest and one of our youngest donkeys. He is curious, gentle and very mischievous! Teddie is a friend to everyone but there's no one he likes more than his brother Smartie.


AGE: 31

FULL NAME: Bramble of Perehill

SEMI-RETIRED: Bramble is Cheeky, lovable and still full of beans. Our smallest boy who only goes out for very special occasions, he still likes to be part of the action and often steals the show!


AGE: 30

FULL NAME: Perehill John

RETIRED: Slow and steady, John takes on the world, John's way! Don't be fooled by appearances, he still manages to keep up with his younger herd mates. Gentle and sweet, John is hard not to love.


AGE: 31

FULL NAME: Origin Unknown


RETIRED: Bobin is his own man, if Bobin doesn't want to do something, Bobin won't! He spends his days as a gentleman of leisure, never far away from his best friend Bramble. More reliable than an alarm clock, he is the first one to tell you if his dinner is late!

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