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Donkey Walking in West Sussex

Hurrah - after many months of work we have successfully launched our Donkey Walking venture in the heart of the South Downs National Park.

Its very exciting to see an idea become a reality and incredibly satisfying to hear the positive feedback from customers who have experienced first hand the unique feeling of walking an East Clayton Farm donkey - of which we have six - amongst the beautiful West Sussex countryside!

So over the next few weeks we thought it might be an idea to introduce you to each of our donkeys

Perehill John (aka John)

Donkey Perehill John

We believe John is a very close relative of Eeyore, or at least they share the same mannerisms, same moans and groans and the same sorry outlook on life. Unless you have an apple in your pocket, then he's your best ever friend for ever and ever and ever .... or at least until the apple runs out!

John is 24 and enjoyed a life of beach walking with young children and regular visits to Guernsey to participate in the annual Donkey Derby. He enjoys his status in life, after all there are not many globe trotting donkeys and in the donkey world travelling to Guernsey is at least half way around the globe!

Considering his celebrity status we have to make sure he is regularly groomed in order to look his best when meeting his adoring public, which as I'm sure you can appreciate, there are a significantly large number

John meeting his public

Over the course of a day John will usually participate in at least one Donkey walking Experience, he's always up for more but he is quite a sedate walker - no trotting for him thank you very much (been there and done that he thinks!) So a gentle meander through the Sussex countryside suits him very well.

He particularly keen on small children chaperoning him, we think its a reminder of his early years, whizzing up and down the beach with a young person in tow. But now he just loves to walk gently alongside, listening to you talking to him, telling him how wonderful and how kind he is and if you happen to have a small treat in your pocket - then all the better!

John having a quiet five minutes

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